The Country

He/She should be aware of the national issues which affect the progress of the nation and should be able to raise their voices against those issues. He/She should respect the feelings, beliefs of other people within the country. He/she should be able to support or defend the country when the time arises. He/ she should be able to generate income and pay all the taxes of the Government without fail, thereby helping in the progress of the country. Learn More

Why do we need to cast our vote?

As a citizen it is important to cast our vote since it is our duty to elect the representative in a democratic process and on behalf of the each and every citizen, a representative will perform the various functions. To register and update our information in the election commission which serves as a proof of identification for a citizen. By casting your vote, you are taking part indirectly in the Government affairs by electing a suitable candidate who represents you. It helps to share your views and opinion through your representative so that he/ she can act accordingly. For the betterment of the country as well as individual it is important to cast your vote so that you are also indirectly taking part in the progress of the nation. Learn More

Why selecting a representative is more important?

A representative will try to finish his /her duties on behalf of every citizen of the country. An Elected person represents the each and every citizen of the country and choosing the right candidate will help the nation to progress in the growth path. Learn More


It is difficult to perform the duties of every citizen due to increased population and it is necessary to have a member who represents the wishes of the citizen and try to fulfill them on behalf. It helps the citizen to follow a proper channel of reporting their issues regarding the particular locality and enables them to resolve it as soon as possible. A representative will also help to get the various benefits and schemes offered by the Government. A representative will look forward and try to pool in many opportunities for the youngsters in order to make them as a worthy individual in the society.

About the Election Campaign:

Election campaign helps the people to know about the various parties and union involvement in the election process. The parties and union represent a person in a particular area who is willing to perform the duties and responsibilities of the citizen in that particular area.

In this Election campaign, these parties give promises to the citizen and discuss the current issues which hinder the signs of progress of the area. Election campaign helps the citizen to aware of the candidates of different parties and helps to choose the right candidate who best represents them.

It serves as a platform for the candidates to discuss the future opportunities to be made and to bring up developments in these areas. The election campaign of different parties tries to bring about the present problems which are still to be resolved. The opposition party election campaign brings out the flaws of the present government and makes promises which may be fulfilled by them in mere future if they were elected.

Thus, the Election campaign brings about the welfare ideas of different parties involved in the election and the duty of the citizen is to analyze the different party's representatives and to cast their valuable vote in order to bring the desired changes.